Group Projects in College

There is nothing worst in college than having to do assignments in teams.
It’s not that I’m anti-social, there are many reasons I try to avoid group projects.

1. Not enough effort
In some groups you are the one with the vision and in order to achieve that you have to do everything.
You’re usually stuck with team members who do things “half way” and don’t really care about getting a perfect score.
You’re not trying to be a control freak, but you know you have to take charge the moment you hear your team members say “I don’t care..” Or “whatever is fine..”

2.The slackers
These people will not do anything.
They won’t communicate with you and probably end up doing their part of the assignment until the very last minute (if you’re lucky).
Or you might have to stay up until midnight the night before the assignment is due, because your pattern decided to tell you last minute they can’t do their part of the project.
Honestly if this happens I suggest not putting their name on the assignment and let the teacher know!
They don’t deserve a good grade if they didn’t work for it.

3.The Control Freaks
These are the people that want to get a good grade and immediately make themselves the leaders of the group.
If you’re a slacker or someone who doesn’t care much, you wouldn’t mind being teamed up with this person, but if you are someone who likes to express your opinion and help create ideas for the project then it will be very difficult to work with this person.
“Control Freaks” don’t like taking ideas from others because they think their ideas are better. They pretty much make everyone their secretary as they stand in the front and tell everyone what and how to do things.
But you will earn that A+

4.The know it all
These people will try to pretend they are the control freaks but have no idea what they are doing. They will try to control the team tell them what to do and end up earning a C+
This type of attitude makes me mad because when you try to share an idea they shut it down saying it’s wrong but the day of the presentation, PLOT TWIST! you were right and they were wrong.
Sometimes leaders are born not self made.

Doing group projects is one of the most difficult things in college but you learn a lot by dealing with these type of people. You learn patience, communication, and most importantly how to work with others.


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