Cutting my own hair.

Have you ever been so frustrated with your hair because it’s not styling the way you want it to?
I got to the point of Cutting my own hair!
I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I’ve done this many times before. I learned to realize that hair grows back no matter what, so I like to have fun and try different things on my own.

I’m not really a fan of going to hair salons for two reasons:
1. It’s too expensive but you might get a good haircut.
2.its a reasonably cheap price but you get a horrible cut.

I don’t know about you, but I rather mess up my own hair than pay someone $50.00 to do it. So I picked up my scissors…

I was really inspired by Vanessa Hudgens, and Kylie Jenner’s shoulder length ombré hair. It looks like a very simple and cute hairstyle that doesn’t need much care, and I thought it would be nice for fall.

I’ve been wanting to get ombré hair since the trend first started, but I was afraid of not being able to pull it off. After chopping off my hair, I ran to my nearest grocery store and bought the l’oreal ombré kit for $10.00 it actually worked really nice and the process was really easy. I recommend this product only if your hair is tones of light brown for the perfect blonde, because on darker hair the blonde is more like a copper.

I still can’t believe I did this to myself! I’m very surprise of all the compliments I’ve gotten. This is the result so far, I do wish my hair was a bit lighter so I’m going to try and apply more bleach to it later on. Excuse the bad photo, I’m not really quiet photogenic.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my hair, I might even try to do a cutting and dying tutorial if you want to try it out yourself, let me know!

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