Celebrity Events Magazine launch party

The past two days I got the opportunity to intern for a great Houston-based Fashion stylist, Kim Dunn.
I got to follow her around and help her create runway looks for the Celebrity Events magazine launch party fashion show. What I really liked about this opportunity was the fact that I got to see a fashionista in action. Most people think that being a stylist is fun and easy, but honestly, it could be very stressful. Kim was very stressed dealing with multiple phone calls and never ending texts asking questions or demanding things, all while picking outfits that would look great on the models. What I really admired about Kim was the fact that I could tell she loved her job, despite the stressful situation, she continued to focus and work hard in order to achieve the vision she had set in her mind. She told me she had been doing styling for years, as well as organizing closets for people. She also shared a few tips with me that inspired and motivated me to work even harder.
In order to be a successful stylist, you must put yourself out there, network with people, and most importantly earn trust. Especially from retailers that you plan to borrow clothes from. Because when it comes to dressing people you need all the clothes you can get.

(Clothes from AZUZ)

What I found very interesting was the fact that she managed to put everything together so successfully within a short amount of time!
I have so much respect for her and all the hard working stylists out there!

The event was really great, there were many professionals there networking as they grabbed free shots. I didn’t spend much time at the after party because I was very tired from running around with Kim all day and working backstage. I did get a picture of the Magazine…


I think it’s really great that local Fashionistas are working hard in order to make Houston a popular Fashion city. They gotten really far especially with Fashion Houston (who by the way sponsored the Fashion show for the launch party.)
If you still haven’t heard. Fashion Houston is the upcoming local fashion entertainment in Texas, they host many fashion events as well as a Fashion week! Houston’s Fashion week is on November if you are interested in purchasing a ticket or learning more I will leave the link down below.
Fashion Houston Website

I had such a great time helping out, hopefully I can do it again soon! Sometimes you have to work really hard in order to get closer to being where you want to be! I can’t wait to share another awesome experience with you guys! xoxo


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