Amazon Haul: Affordable Beauty Basics

Hello Everyone!

Today i want to share some amazing and affordable beauty products that i purchased from I am very excited to share all the goodies that i found because i feel like these are great deals! I will be posting a link to all the items i purchased, however you can get it from a different vendor if you feel you can find a better deal. Please keep in mind these products worked for me. The only negative side to these products, which is basically one of the issues you get when purchasing an item from a different country, is that it takes at least 2 weeks to receive your item, but i promise its worth it. The items will not be listed in any specific order.

11 Pcs Make-up Brush Set (Bamboo handle)

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These Brushes are very soft and very good Quality. I cannot stress enough how much of a great deal this is! The Brushes are $9.10 no shipping cost or taxes added. they come in a cute white pouch that is reusable and great to hold the brushes. the handles are wooden (not sure if real bamboo) but still better than plastic handles. There are brushes for every purpose of the face the only brush that is missing is a sponge eyeshadow brush, but there’s plenty of thin brushes you can use to replace it. I really like the personality these brushes have, a very organic and clean look to them. I love how the hairs ombre from a white-ish gray to black, and THE HAIRS DON’T FALL OFF! that’s such good quality for the price. I use these brushes almost every day and I have no complaints yet, in case anything happens I will edit this post. I will post another picture to show in more detail the entire brushes and the small bag. Purchase here

Teardrop Foundation Blending Sponge

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThis small sponge is very cute and useful when it comes to applying your foundation. The reason why I pick this over a brush is because it doesn’t leave strokes of foundation on my face. It makes my foundation look very smooth and natural. It’s a knock off version of the beauty blender that they sell at Sephora. Just because it’s a knock off it doesn’t mean the same thing! The beauty blender is made of a special sponge that absorbs water and grows, this is just a regular makeup sponge. the downside is that it takes long for shipment and after a while, the sponge begins to crack but since it’s only $1.41 (no shipping charges) it doesn’t really bother me having to replace it every month.Purchase Here

15 Color Concealer Makeup Palette

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetI love this small kit! it has dark shades to contour, light shades to conceal and highlight, it even has the colors used to cover up spots! it is a small kit but it works perfectly fine and a little can go a long way. I was skeptical purchasing this at first due to negative comments. I have used this for 2 weeks so far and my face still looks clean, but it probably depends on skin type and how often you wash your face, I wash my face every night and morning and remove my makeup when I’m home, so that could be a reason why I haven’t experienced any breakouts. Another downfall is Shipping time but that’s with any other product in my list. I have worn this product for 10 straight hours and I didn’t have to reapply at any time. For $3.96 I feel its worth the try, it works just as good as your drugstore makeup. Purchase Here

Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Stencil

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetHave you ever tried to fill in your eyebrows and they end up looking completely different from each other? and no matter how many times you try to re-do them they still look like a hot mess? This item right here is the answer to all your problems! it is only $1.54 and it comes with four different eyebrow shape stencils. All you have to do is place it over your brow and fill it in with your eyeshadow or brow liner. I have never been good at doing my eyebrows, but now they are on fleek 24/7 thanks to this thing. Purchase Here

These are all the products that i have to talk about, for now, i hope this information helped, let me know if you have tried any of these products before and your experience with them. Also, let me know which one you plan on purchasing after reading this. xoxo

(photos by me)

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