Meeting Will Jardell

As you guys probably know by now I am a big America’s Next Top Model Fan. I was so happy knowing that Will Jardell from Cycle 21 was going to be a model for the Fashion Houston event. I never thought I would actually get to meet him because of how crowded and chaotic it was, it’s just amazing how things fall into place. Will is my favorite contestant this season because I can tell he is passionate about modeling,not like other contestants who only do it for the fame. His passion for modeling got him far in the competition and he has a high chance of winning.

When I saw him I was so excited I didn’t know how to react. I asked him “Are you Will from America’s Next Top Model?!” as soon as that sentence slipped out of my mouth I felt embarrassed, of course it was him! He smiled and said yes. I told him I really hope he wins and that I love his six-inch heels, he laughed and said “thank you so much!” I asked very shyly if we could take a picture together and he agreed, as soon as he got up and stood next to me I felt so short! He is the most tallest and the most beautiful male model I ever been close to! Now I know why Matthew was crushing on him!

He ended up holding my phone and taking the picture, I never felt so shy, awkward and happy at the same time. My face is a mess but you can see how gorgeous and perfect he is!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 11.43.16 AM

Good Luck Will Jardell! I really want you to win, Never stop being yourself because you are so amazing! Thank you so much for being so nice to me as a FanGirl all over you, hopefully I see you again one day!


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