Allison Harvard: Cat x Bench

America’s Next Top Model runner-up for cycle 12 and All-Stars, Allison Harvard has teamed up with Bench/ clothing to launch her own shirt collection. The collection features her watercolor art expressing her unique yet whimsical personality. TYou can purchase them in bench stores mainly located in Asia, however they are available for sale online at the Bench’s website. If you plan to visit the website remember to change the money currency from pesos to US dollars, prices range from $9.00-$10.00 which is very cheap in my opinion.


Allicat is very happy and excited about her clothing line, she wants everyone who purchases a shirt to post and share on instagram so she can see! I’m very happy to see she is doing fine despite not winning ANTM twice. She currently lives in Manila Philippines as a local celebrity with her boyfriend who just moved in with her not too long ago.

You can keep up with Allison on Facebook, and Twitter. You can also follow her on Instagram to see more of her watercolor art work as well as her gorgeous face!


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