My Christmas wish list

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With only 5 days left til christmas I decided to share the 5 things that are on my christmas wish list!

1. Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Foundation: I have worn this foundation for a month now and its my favorite foundation ever. i have never used a foundation that settles perfectly in my skin making it look flawless and natural. The matte Lacôme foundation offers a 24 hr coverage and helps even out skin tones with no powdery effects. Since I love this foundation so much I know this will be a perfect gift to receive. If your interested in testing this product you can go to your local beauty store and ask for a free sample of the product. You can purchase this item HERE

2. Canon Rebel T3i : As a blogger one of THE most important things is to have good quality pictures and that means having a great camera. The canon T3i is recommended by many Bloggers/Vloggers because it captures sharp detail photos with 18 megapixels. I been wanting a camera for so long, I’m sure one day santa will remember to bring it for me. You can get a great deal at best buy for a bundle HERE

3. Kate Spade cedar street maise handbag: I’ve always wanted a Kate Spade handbag and honestly they are all so beautiful I could own them all! My current favorite is the “clock tower” cedar street maise handbag, I love the structure size and color. You can purchase this purse HERE

4. CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE gift set: My favorite fragrance scent ever! I have a lot of small perfume tester bottles, but i would love to own the actual perfume bottle. The gift set comes with three fragrant expressions “to elevate a woman’s bathing ritual”. Set includes 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz Body Lotion and 3.4 oz Bath Gel, elegantly offered in a deluxe gift box. Limited Edition. You can purchase the gift set box HERE for a great deal!

5. Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton: Probably my cheapest gift request in the list. The HONY book is an amazing book that holds many interesting stories of the unique people of New York City. Brandon Stanton is such a talented guy in photography and writing this project is simply beautiful. You can purchase the book HERE and you can check out Brandon’s blog with more amazing stories HERE

These are my gift requests for santa. I know I probably seem very spoiled hahaha, but it doesn’t hurt to wish for better things! I know that whatever I receive for christmas will be great regardless.

Whats the gift you want the most this christmas?

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