Monthly Beauty Favorites (March)

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This is the first time I decided to share my monthly favorites. I been wanting to share these products with you guys, but I didn’t know a correct way to incorporate all these items in one post. I’ll try to post every month my favorite beauty products, hopefully I can keep up with it. Anyways, I am in no way getting paid to talk review these products, these are my own personal opinions! Remember all products work differently for different people.

  1. Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in the shade “Matte Glam” This lipstick is a very good quality for the price of $5.99 US. I been wanting a purple lipstick for the longest time, but I didn’t want to invest on a expensive MAC lipstick because I knew I wouldn’t wear the shade often. I came across this lipstick and it was worth the try. I like how its matte and how it feels smooth on the lips. However, maybe its just me, but the tone of the lipstick seems to have a red undertone that makes it seem more of a wine color on the lips.
  2. Pan Eyeshadow Palette 209 Blush Sweetness. I cannot stress how much I love this small eyeshadow palette. I love wearing neutral eyeshadows and creating a small contour on the lids of my eyes. The soft pink eye shadows are perfect for a sweet natural look. Plus! The black eyeshadow works perfectly as an eyebrow filler. Even though this palette is a bit expensive and very very tiny ($50.00 US), it’s great quality.
  3. Voluminous Miss Manga Blackest Black. My favorite mascara ever! It really does enhance my eyelashes making them look longer and fuller. It works perfectly on lower lashes giving me a doll eye look. The wand is very thin and flexible making it easier to apply at any angle and lasts for a very long time! (I don’t know why I feel like I sound like a rehearsed commercial script) seriously though, a great product!
  4. BITE Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon shade Tatin- Rose Pink. I purchased this lip crayon at Sephora in an impulse, and pressure. I fell in love with this lip crayon the more I wore it. Its very thick and the shade makes my lips look healthy and fuller. I love the matte texture and how vibrant and bright the color is, almost neon. It’s so beautiful, but oh so expensive! Maybe I’m just cheap, but I’m not going to spend $25.00 US for a lip crayon everyday! I don’t know how people do it! I rather go to my local drugstore and buy 5 Milani lipsticks.

I have linked all the items to purchase online (bold letters) I hope you found this review helpful. I would be forever grateful if you could share some of your favorite products with me, I love to try new things!

10 thoughts on “Monthly Beauty Favorites (March)

  1. popshopamerica says:

    Can’t wait to try this mascara! It’s my favorite beauty product. Right now I’ve been using my fave so far – Too Faced Better than Sex.


  2. Alexis Ruiz says:

    Yes Matt Glam is the best, I get so many compliments when wearing it too. I love that its not expensive and doesn’t dry out my lips.
    Also the Loreal Miss Managa has to be one of my favorites too! Great picks, love them 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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