Barbie Auction Event

This is a bit of a late post since the event happened on February 17, 2015 but it took me a while to get some pictures and more details on the event.

My school (The Art Institute of Houston) has a fashion club called Fashion S.T.A.R.S. They hosted a Barbie Auction event before the live stream of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week featuring Ai Designers. The Barbies were dressed by fashion design students in very creative little outfits, There was even a Barbie wearing a dress made out of candy!


There was also a Make Up challenge! Guys were supposed to do girls make up and accessorize them with jewelry provided by a local boutique. The awesome part is that I was one of the girls in the contest, and I was partner up with my friend Matt.


It was such a fun experience everyone was laughing and Matt almost poked my eye out! The guys were amazing at doing make up and accessorizing!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.31.21 PM



We all had a great time, I was very shock to find out that Matt and I won!



…and this the winning look! a dark lip with smokey eyes, 3 layered necklaces and a rocker arm candy with a pink clutch to add a pop of color to the outfit! Matt did an awesome job he definitely has an eye for fashion!

After the challenge was over we all got to watch the Live stream of the New York Fashion Show featuring Houston Designer Alexa Dibiasio! So proud of her and other Ai students who got to show their collection at NYFW!



Photo Credit: Tony Garcia


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