Surreal Enchantment Fashion Show

In my class, Fashion Show and Event Production, we were in charge of putting together a fashion show. We divided into 3 groups handling different responsibilities: stage set up, backstage, and promotion. I decided to handle the promotional part of the show because every time I work fashion shows i’m always backstage; I thought promotion would be a new interesting thing. However, I was shocked to see that only two other people where interested in the promotion part, everyone else seemed to be interested in the model casting and fittings of the show. I didn’t mind since I am a very introvert person and the least people I work in projects the most comfortable I feel.

As the promotional team we where in charge of creating flyers, posters, invitations, finding sponsors and creating goodie bags. It might not seem like a lot but it was enough to stress 3 people for 10 weeks. My team really liked my ideas for the posters that they allowed me to design them and pick the images for all the promotions. After many…many times of showing the whole class for approval this is the finished product…


I am very proud of the outcome of the posters. I felt so happy and proud seeing it being displayed across the school.

IMG_6658 (1)



It even got put on the school website and i created an Instagram copy that was also surfing the internet.

FullSizeRender (1)


Everyone seemed to just love the posters and I couldn’t be any more excited. I had many other ideas for the show, but due to low budgeting and….. certain classmates my ideas weren’t use.

The Hardest Part was finding sponsors and creating goodie bags.Β We prepared 150 goodie bags, I invested so much money into these goodie bags that I decided to put myself as a sponsor and add my business cards, it would only be fair.


We also created some programs for the actual show to hand out to the audience listing the designers, our class, and the sponsors.


(lets admire my logo please)

IMG_6664 (1)

At the end the show turned out to be amazing and I had a great time! During the show the promotional theme was in charge of greeting everyone and sitting them. My friend Kiesha even had a great idea of wearing little hats to distinguish us!


I was so surprised to see a lot of friends and family come out to support me during the Fashion show! I felt so blessed!

FullSizeRender (2)

(Beauty and Fashion Blogger Faith at

The show was a great outcome and it was worth the stress, sweat and tears. This really motivated and inspired me to put together a fashion show one day. we’ll see! πŸ™‚





(Runway photo credit to Lindi Doler you can see her photography on Instagram HEREΒ or her facebook page HERE)


One thought on “Surreal Enchantment Fashion Show

  1. YoMahBoy says:

    I love seeing the process you went through to make this happen. You’re promotional posters are really good! You should do those more often. I’ll gladly help you with them too if you want πŸ™‚
    But it all looks amazing, I’m super proud of you!


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