A weekend in New York

So my 21st birthday was on April 16 and I didn’t really felt like partying or getting drunk. All I wanted was to visit New York once again. There were so many things I didn’t get to do the first time I visited, so my sweet boyfriend made my birthday wish come true and planned a weekend in New York for the two of us.

On April 17, we arrived around 2pm. I was so excited to be back and this time we rode a taxi, which I regretted by the way since it’s so freaking expensive. Anyways, we walked most of the time and that’s when I took the opportunity to shoot the pictures for my TOKYO LOVE Outfit.

Once we arrived in Brooklyn, we stopped for some delicious pizza and explored a bit before heading to the hotel. I was more amazed by the people than the city view. Everyone was dressed so nice and fashionable I felt like I was in the middle of an urban fashion show. I don’t want to seem like a total creep, but I took some photos of people because their outfit was to die for! I will be posting them under my street style category soon.

Once we arrived to the hotel, we freshened up and headed to Time Square for the gorgeous night view. Since I changed clothes, I also took the opportunity to do another outfit shoot that I will be posting next week. Anyways, Manhattan is so beautiful at night. I fell in love with the city lights. The place was so full of energy, everyone was so loud and happy enjoying New York in their own way. We took a million photos, we even came out on a big screen in the middle of Time Square. We went shopping and got some dinner, nothing fancy just a delicious hot dog.

Around 11:00pm we rode the subway back to the hotel. Despite us being really tired from all the walking, we didn’t want to go to sleep, but we had to get our rest for tomorrow.

The next day, April 18 we went out and got some breakfast at a deli and ate it at Central Park. It was so beautiful and peaceful. People were laying around the grass and there were plenty of entertainment. We stayed there all morning absorbing the rays of sunshine, while enjoying the beautiful view and artistic individuals.


We left Central Park around noon to get in time for the Rosetta concert at 2pm. Last time we were in New York, we saw them and it was such a great thing that they will be performing on my birthday weekend in time for our visit.

All the bands were really amazing and we got to take a few pictures. It was over all a fun day. The concert ended around 8 pm and we went out to get some pizza for dinner. We actually slept early that night because we had to get up early to head to the airport for sunday morning.

It was a very fun surreal weekend. We did so much and yet there were still a lot we wanted to do. We promised that we will go back again for a third time and do different things. We plan on heading back during the winter season to see the snow, I’m very excited. Best birthday weekend I’ve ever had. Looking forward to see you again New York. ❤

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