Mesh it Up!

I been getting really into the androgynous style. I think women can pull off any look and still look beautiful without having to emphasize their curves or having to wear something girly. I personally like to dress comfortable and make an appearance. This look shows the way I dress on the daily. You can find this look at Forever 21.

Tokyo Mobster

For my shirt I am wearing the Tokyo Mesh Top from Forever 21. I know what you guys are thinking…”Didn’t you wear a Tokyo theme outfit already?!” (Tokyo Love) I like to wear what I love and Tokyo is a place that I would love to visit at one point in my lifetime, plus it looks really cool! The crop top is made out of mesh/jersey and it has elastic printed with the word “Tokyo” it’s a mixture of minimalism and urban style.

tokyo mobster



I personally don’t have a flat belly and most girls don’t! So whenever I wear crop tops I like to wear high-waisted bottoms to hid the extra and still look fashionably cute!. I am wearing the Suspender Trousers from Forever 21 in black. They are pretty comfortable and baggy I love how thin the fabric is so it’s easy to wear. The suspenders are a nice little touch, they make the pants have a very masculine edge.



For my shoes I decided to get comfortable and sporty! I was very Inspired by the Cali “Cholos” who wear dickies with some Jordan’s I just added my personal little twist to still give the same vibe with a bit of modern edge. You can find these Black & White Women’s Nike almost everywhere, I would link them to the Macy’s store! Black and white Nikes have been a very popular trend for outfits lately and I can totally see why! I can’t take them off anymore plus they have a comfortable foam sole.



What’s a Mayra look without a pop of lipstick?! Remember my rainy day look? Well I wore the same Love & Beauty Red Matte Lipstick from Forever 21 is one of my go to favorites!


I really love this look! Forever 21 has some of the best fashion forward looks at a great price! They are always my go to store when I’m looking for trendy fast fashion.


PHOTO CREDIT: I want to thank my great friend + New photographer Manny Moreno! He will major in Cinematography and Film and he is just amazing at photography. You guys can check out more of Manny’s awesome work on his Instagram @Milkdud89 Thank you Manny for doing this shoot for me! I swear you killed it!!



This post contains affiliate links of all the items I’m wearing (underlined and in bold letters). If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make.


13 thoughts on “Mesh it Up!

  1. Shalanda says:

    I totally agree with you! Since I attend a lot of events right from work, I’ve been finding new ways to snazz up jeans and pants. Can’t always be in a dress all the time! I love this look! You’re too cute! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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