The Makeup Show Dallas

The Makeup Show is an event were many people, brands, and artists gather together to network, educate and inspire. This past weekend I made a trip to Dallas to attend the 10th year anniversary of this event and I am so glad I got to be a part of it.

On Friday June 12 I was invited to attend a Blogger Preview gather with celebrity Makeup Artist James Vincent as he shared some of his favorite products as well as an exclusive sneak peek of what to expect for this year’s show.

(with celebrity makeup artist James Vincent)

I will be making another blog post sharing all his makeup favorites! A thing I admire about James is his love and passion for what he does. It’s amazing how investing in a dream can take you so far in life. He shared an amazing story with us plus a few facts about us Texas women and our makeup trends. Listening to him talk got me so pumped and ready for the weekend, I was looking forward to hearing what the other artists had to share as well as attend some seminars and workshops to get better with my makeup skills.

Saturday June 13 is when the fun begun! It was CROWDED there were people and makeup everywhere it was so overwhelming! I didn’t know where to go or what to do, after multiple times of walking in circles and bumping into strangers I made my way to the Forums where I saw the first speaker Ms. Ruby Polanco talk about “Branding and Building a Career in today’s Industry” No words can explain how much respect I have for this woman right here. Her story is so inspirational and what she stands for makes you wonder how can a person be so successful and still remain humble.

Ruby Polanco talked about the importance of developing a strong brand that people can relate to and set you aside from others. She also talked about what she offers in order to help those who are interested in the makeup artistry. She offers many different programs from a 3 day certification program to a hollywood internship. If you are interested please visit her website at and follow her on social media at @Makeupby_Ruby

so after the speech was done I decided to walk around and explore…


I came across these lovely ladies enjoying their shopping

Ladies getting their makeup done by professionals



this is art

I also attended a Q&A with the lovely ladies behind MAKE UP FOR EVER Lijah Stewart and Jessie Powers. They shared their inspirations, development and composition behind some of the industry’s most iconic products, plus they revealed a new foundation! After listening to them talk I realized they applied their talents and knowledge to this brand. For example, Jessie Powers has a great passion for teaching and sharing and Lijah Stewart loves creating texture and color. They even showed some makeup tricks with their products.

I even spoke to Lijah Stewart and got a selfie with her!!!

More people photos!

I do want to give a shoutout to all the people working hard on all of these booths! The fact that it was so overwhelming with people and they still managed to be fun and friendly is amazing, plus they put so much work in decorating their booths!

I also attended a few seminars on how to do editorial makeup as well as “The Art of AIRbrush”

Another speaker that really stood out for me was Emmy award winning Makeup Artist Melanie Mills. She talked about how she stepped in the industry and her advise is priceless, “Fake It, Til You Make It!” She also shared some of her favorite products that she likes to use on her celebrity clients as well as her body finishing product Gleam. I LOVE Gleam!! Celebrities such as Ariana Grande use this product to give their skin an even tone and natural glow. If you are interested in knowing more about the products Melanie Mills has to offer visit her website at

There were plenty of more speakers such asDavid Klasfeld, AJ Crimson,Charlie Green and Merrell Hollis just to name a few. If you want to know more coverage of this event as well as some interviews with a few of the artists you can check out my fellow blogger Faith Haller at her website she’s very passionate about makeup artistry!

On the last day June 14 I decided to dedicate my day shopping for a few of my favorites as well as absorb the ambience without having to take photos, well maybe a few 🙂


I purchased some lip tars in my favorite colors Queen, Trollup, John Doe and got Psycho as part of my goodie bag from James. I really had to buy two gleam products that’s how much I fell for the product!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I honestly had such a great time at The Makeup Show Dallas I cant wait to come again next year. It was so refreshing meeting people that have made it in their industry it lets you know that everything is possible with the right attitude. I am very thankful to Shelly Taggar owner of the make up show. as well as James Vincent for being so great at hosting the event and all the make up brands that sponsored it such as MAKE UP FOR EVER, Crown Brush, Temptu Pro, NARS, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Pinnacle Cosmetics, and Michael Marcus.

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