James Vincent Beauty Faves


When I attended the Blogger Preview event for The Makeup Show Dallas, I was gifted with a bag full of goodies from different brands that are the top favorite picks of Celebrity Makeup Artist, James Vincent. These are the main brands and products that he uses when working on his clients. I will list a few as well as my experience in using these selected products. These items were given to me for review purposes only, all opinions are my own.

1. OCC Crème Colour Concentrate this is a cream coverage product that can be used on different areas of the face such as eyes, cheeks and even lips. Very soft and blendable with a matte finish. I received this item in the color “True Teal.” It is a lovely shade and it tints my lips nicely, however I don’t think I would be able to use it as much unless I want to look like a water nymph or for cosplay!

2. Nurturing Force HD Primer I am in love with this eye cream + base product! It is soft and easy to blend, made with aloe and other natural products to moisturize and minimize lines with a perfect matte finish! Perfect for an all face makeup base!

3. NYX Color Correcting Concealer This smooth creamy concealer is so easy to blend on the skin and does great coverage perfect for hiding those dark bags under the eyes. I love the small compact size which is perfect to travel with.  You can currently find this item at the discounted price of $7.19 at ULTA!

4 The Creamy Glow Duo by Kevyn Aucoin This adorable little compact contains a cheek and lip tint! These tints can be used as either blush of lip color and they come in 4 shades. I personally love the Nuelle/ Bloodroses because of the deeper tint of red.

5. Radiant Dust by Melanie Mills This dust product is similar to Gleam, but in dust form. The reason why it is in dust, it’s so you can use it in different areas of your face such as a blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and neck area. The most recommended tone to get is Rose Gold.

6. Crown Shadow Stick I’m honestly not so crazy about shadow sticks. This is great if you are into simple and blendable eyeshadow. Maybe I’m not so crazy about it since I got it in a blue tone and when it comes to my eyeshadow shades, I like neutral earthy tones. You can purchase this item for $3.99 online!

7. Smudge Stick waterproof Stilla Eyeliner This eyeliner is definitely smudge free! I received this eyeliner in the tone “deep Burgundy” which I’m not so crazy about because I am a jet black eyeliner type of girl. This is by far the most clean and smooth eyeliner I have ever worn on my eyes! I usually buy my eyeliners for three dollars at the drugstore, but after trying this product by Stilla I am considering investing more on my eyeliners.

8. OCC Lip Tar I LOOOOOOOVVVEEE this product so much! I love the tints, the matte finish, everything! It does fade or flake after a while if you don’t put on primer and lip liner. Can I recommend the Nurturing Force HD (2)  primer for this product? I got the lovely tone PSYCHO on my bag then I bought the shades John Doe, Queen and Trollup. I love how a little drop can coat your entire lips and you can mix the tones to create a new one!

Photo Break! I didn’t want to bore you all with so much writing! anyways you probably seen this photo on my post The Makeup Show Dallas This is the goodie bag I recieved all my cosmetics in. Isn’t cute?!

9. SENNA Cosmetics, Ray of Light Another product that I absolutely adore! This Highlighting is perfect to highlight right beneath the eyebrow, under your lips, the bridge of your nose, and your cupids bow! Works wonderfully and its brings the right amount of light to your face!

10. NYX High Definition blush I received this blush in the shade “Taupe.” It’s smooth and blends nicely on the skin. I like mixing this shade with a lighter pink to create a more natural blush.

11. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré This face cream is perfect for applying before bed. It nourishes and hydrates skin while also removing small traces left of makeup. I love applying it right after washing my face to help keep my skin look flawless. What’s even more awesome is that you can even use this as a primer!! This multi purpose lotion is a must have.

12. Sensibio H2O by Bioderma This is a great makeup remover. It is perfectly compatible with sensitive skin and it helps rebuild skin, leaving it soft and clean. I like how there is no scent, so it doesn’t feel like your putting any chemicals on your skin. Plus the packaging is lovely 🙂

13. Mehron Skin Prep-pro I am very two sided about this product. I love how it tones my face and how smooth it leaves my skin, plus its a perfect primer if you want a matte finish on your makeup. However, it kinda smells like hotdogs, haha, and if you have dry skin, I don’t recommend it since it will make it even dryer. I have combination skin, so I learned it the hard way after applying it on my entire face. Now, I only apply it on the oiliest parts of my face to control my makeup and help it last longer.

14. Cinema Secrets It really is the world’s best brush cleanser! I wish my tester wasn’t so small, I love it! Cleans my brushes with just a few sprays leaving them perfectly sanitized with a pleasant vanilla scent. It’s easy, fast and very efficient! This is a must have for all who are looking for a great way to sanitize their makeup brushes.

15. SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Water Even though this item is a great primer, I like to use it as a makeup refresher as it helps add that natural glow to my skin. I love the packaging of this product!

16. Nars Dual-Intensity Blush I got this product in the color “craving.” I like the packaging, however the blush is not very pigmented. I like using the highlight better on the highest points of my cheeks. This is great when you are trying to do a simple natural blush look.

I am very thankful to everyone in the makeup show for giving me all these amazing products. I also want to thank James Vincent for sharing all his favorites with us as well as providing them! I hope this review helped many of you when it comes to finding the perfect make up product you can purchase all of them on their websites all linked in the highlighted and bold letters so make sure to click away! Let me know if you have any personal opinions about any of these products as well!






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