Another Rainy Day

So lately it has been raining a lot here in Houston. One day is very sunny, the next day we get flooded. Nothing like good ol’ Texas weather to make you question mother nature. It has gotten to the point were I carry my umbrella everywhere I go just in case the weather decides to change randomly during the day… and it usually does. Remember my “Rainy Day Look” post? Well, thats more for a winter cold rainy type of weather, so I came up with a new outfit idea perfect for the random rain drops that will come during the summer!


I’m going to start with my lovely, gorgeous, beautiful  Clear Bubble Umbrella that I got from Target it was around $20 when I purchased it, but you can get it online right now for $13.59 This umbrella is so stylish I actually been wanting one like this since I saw it on an episode of Gossip Girl a long time ago. Usually umbrellas are very distracting and cover you completely with their dark shadows, but this one is clear so it allows your gorgeous face to shine through even on those rainy days!


Speaking of face! There are two big makeup essentials I recommend for a rainy day during the summer. A matte bright lip, in my case I’m wearing my favorite Love& Beauty Red Matte Lipstick from Forever 21 and a highlighter to help bring light to your face! I am using one of my favorite product from IT Cosmetics, the Hello Light Anti-Aging Luminizing Creme Stick this product not only adds dimension by giving a lift to the high areas of your face, it also conditions and nourishes your skin while giving you the perfect touch of natural-looking radiance. I also recommend wearing your hair up, If you’re in Texas then you know how bad this humidity gets and how frizzy it can make your hair.



I tried to keep it simple yet stylish. I am wearing a one piece jumpsuit in the color black. You can find similar, if not better black jumpsuits at Forever 21. The most similar is the Strapless Chiffon Jumpsuit with the retail price of $15.90 I feel every girl should have at least 3 plain black jumpsuits in their closet the mixing possibilities are endless!


I am also wearing the Belted Crepe Jacket from Forever 21. This jacket is perfect for those rainy hot days, not only does it fit the occasion but the fabric is so light and thin that you won’t die of a heat stroke from wearing it. However, it is very hard to keep from wrinkling! That is the only downside to this cute jacket, but  I do love the nude tone it does a perfect contrast with the black.



I really liked playing with these two colors that I decided to wear these adorable black strapped nude heels. You don’t always have to wear rain boots!


I would love to know your opinion about my choice for this outfit! I would also love it if we could connect on social media! Don’t be shy, Let’s be friends!

(PHOTO CREDIT: Once again to the wonderful photographer Manny Moreno! Follow him on Instagram to see more of his work @Milkdud89 He’s very talented and I’m very grateful he helped me with this shoot <3)


This post contains affiliate links of all the items I’m wearing (underlined and in bold letters). If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make.


2 thoughts on “Another Rainy Day

  1. Jorge says:

    Simple, but still stands out. You’re really mastering the use of minimalism in your outfits, while still giving them a unique touch. I love the clear umbrella, I’ve actually been thinking about maybe getting one. Though I’m not sure how unisex it is lol… I’m also a huge sucker for trenches/raincoats, so that’s definitely the winner for me from this look!

    Anyway, great post like always 🙂


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