Where I Been

Hey guys!

Wow it honestly feels like forever since I blogged! I feel so guilty for neglecting my biggest love in the world 😦 I just been so busy lately and a lot of things have recently happened in my life where it just seemed hard to catch a break and blog. I cant make any promises yet that I will get better at it because I’m still trying to take control of whats going on.

I been really busy lately, especially with school. I am close to graduating and things are getting a bit more difficult. I am currently taking this class called Business Ownership and it’s all about managing a six month plan for an imaginary business that I have. It involves excel sheets and math… it’s time consuming. This class is a must in order to be taken seriously for my degree so that’s where most of my focus has been going. Plus the teacher gives a lot of homework that has to be done to the point of perfection if you want to get a passing grade.

I’ve also been asked to resign from my job so I focused my free time on finding a new job since this girl has bills to pay. I know I probably shouldn’t be talking about this in the possibility of burning bridges, but this job is not fashion related at all so it’s all good. I found a new job which is basically the same thing, but harder and more focused. I have to drive 40 minutes everyday to work so i’m trying to relocate with the same company just a closer location to my home.

Shameless Selfie

(shameless selfie of me before work)

I have also been going through some personal drama in my life recently. I have been very distracted with things that shouldn’t have been a priority.

Buuuuuut, I am okay now! let’s talk positive!!

I have a new job so I am very thankful. Despite my busy schedule I did manage to make it to one event last month, I will be blogging about that event soon!


Also, I have been asked to be the blog writer for the website dedicated to an upcoming fashion show in Houston called Fashion4Jesus which is basically a way to inspire youth to be fashionable and artistic through Jesus. I am honestly very excited to be a part of this. You guys can click on the link if you are more interested in learning more about this.

Two weekends ago I took a break from life and went to Pleasure Pier at Galveston Beach. That was a wonderful experience I enjoyed the roller coasters and beach view.

Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier

There are two reasons why I haven’t posted any OOTD outfits.

1. Hard to coordinate with my photographer since I’m always busy.

2. I am not a summer person, honestly I belong somewhere cold. My style is more dark and layered and wearing that in the center of hell which is Houston TX will probably cause me to die of a heat stroke. So I have not been dressing so cute. However, I will try to work something out soon I promise.


Oh, and I got a new tattoo!

Rose Tattoo

If you guys would like to keep up with me you can always follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and like my Facebook page. BUT if you would really like to be my friend I suggest you adding me on snapchat 🙂 I post so much there my name is MayraLoveCats (Yes, Lovecats like the song from the cure) I have also been obsessing over the PHHHOTO app! You can follow me there for some artistic weird photos 🙂

Again, I am sorry!


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