Think Elysian: Plush Pleated Maxi Dress

You all know that most of my closet consist of black, but there are times when the weather outside is perfect and nothing fits better than a gorgeous chiffon Maxi Dress.

Think Elysian x Mayralamode

I am loving this breath taking piece from Think Elysian. It is perfect for any occasion, from a stroll at the beach to a wonderful evening event. This Plush Pleated Maxi Dress can be dressed up and dressed down in almost every possible way! I styled the dress with a long bronze/gold necklace that sits wonderfully against the lovely pastel pink. I am also wearing a pair of suede grey pumps from Jessica Simpson. I love how the dark tones of the accessories make the dress absorb more light adding a natural glow to my skin.

Think Elysian x Mayralamode

The slits on the bottom of the pleated dress add a very dramatic flowy effect that make me feel like a powerful greek goddess!

I was so thrill when Loren, the founder of Think Elysian contacted me for a collaboration and gifted me with this lovely piece!

Think Elysian x Mayralamode

Think Elysian is an amazing Style/Travel BlogBoutique, and Photography portfolio created by the multi-talented Loren. With this website Loren shares her passions, and inspirations. In her online boutique, Loren offers bohemian style clothing that is perfect for any vacation.

Think Elysian x Mayralamode

Think Elysian’s mission is to “empower women to travel, take a leap of faith, experience new cultures, and look fabulous while doing so.”

Think Elysian x Mayralamode

I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to work with Loren to promote her boutique! Don’t forget to stop by her website and check out her collection at  Also, check out my BABECATION on her blog!

Shop using code MAYRALAMODE15 and get a 15% discount!

Think Elysian x Mayralamode


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