One of my favorite most professional outfits I have recently worn. I wore this outfit for my Macy’s interview with Latin Artist Thalia. You can read/view the interview HERE.


I wanted something presentable that still represents me and my style, so of course my outfit had to incorporate a lovely shade of black 🙂


I got my body suit blouse from the Eva Mendes Collection at New York & Company. They offer it in three different colors, but something about the lovely shade of green made me fall instantly! I love the draping effect on the front of the shirt ending with a V neck-line, plus the slits on the chiffon sleeves add a nice little flirtatious effect.MAYRALAMODE


I bought gold necklace at Charming Charlie it was the perfect statement piece to bring light to the outfit. I couldn’t find this specific piece on the website, but I found a similar one on SALE! I like the thickness and heaviness of the necklace, I also wore some gold rings to accessorize my hands since I figured a bracelet wouldn’t look right with my long sleeves.


I am wearing MAC Lipstick in the shade DIVA.


I don’t know if I love the blouse or the Bandage full skirt more!!! This skirt is so flattering and I love the textured detail on the fabric. It truly gave me an hourglass figure and I never felt more confident!



I feel absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much again to photographer Manny Moreno (IG: Enigm0_media) for capturing these lovely photos right after the interview!

This post contains affiliate links of all the items I’m wearing (underlined and in bold letters). If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make.



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