That’s The Spirit

So… this weekend was kind of amazing for me. I managed to watch Bring Me The Horizon perform live in Houston TX during Buzzfest 34 and in Austin TX. This is sort of an accomplishment for me since I have been a fan for years and I been trying to watch them live in what seems like forever. I had two previous opportunities that didn’t work out, so you can imagine how thrilled I felt knowing that my weekend was dedicated to fangirl over them. I want to apologize for the low quality iphone images that will be posted and for the shaky videos 🙂 They were all originally taken from my snapchat and if you would like to follow me there to watch my silly adventures you can add me at @mayralovecats

Day 1: October 17, 2015 HOUSTON TX 

I went to Buzzfest 34 thinking i wasn’t going to make it to my Austin trip. My friends had an extra ticket and asked me to join them. I honestly had a blast with them and I am very thankful that they invited me to spend the day with them! My friend Patrick was so nice taking care of me and singing a long to every song I knew! Despite BMTH being my main focus I  enjoyed watching many bands perform such as Panic at the Disco, and Papa roach.

Atlas Genius

I was so happy to find out Atlas Genius was going to be there! I really liked their music my favorite two songs are Back Seat and Trojans. I died out of happiness when I heard them perform I was even more happy when I got to meet the lead singer Keith and the other band members.

Mayralamode x Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius x Mayralamode

honestly had a great time I danced, sang and even crowd surfed twice! Thanks to my friendPatrick who motivated me and even captured this amazing shot of me. This could be used as an Ad!


hope you enjoy this lovely collage of my snapchat story that shows how much fun I had, plus it has a 10 second recap of every BMTH song performed and excuse my horrible singing haha

No words can explain the excitement I felt when I saw Oliver Sykes in person! He was so close yet so far  couldn’t believe I was finally seeing BMTH live!

Oliver Sykes


Oliver Sykes

Day 2: October 18, 2015 AUSTIN TX 

I headed to Austin TX early the next day with sore muscles and barely any sleep ready to jam again to BMTH. This is the closest I would ever get to being a groupie and I would love to do this again. I was so excited to explore Austin for the first time… I just want to say that it’s breath taking beautiful with all the hills and trees! I can see why everyone I know wants to live there! I visited a mall and explored downtown. I stopped in this lovely coffee shop to drink a mocha latte before standing in line for the show.

Cafe Ruckus

The place is called Cafe Ruckus, It is a very chill spot and the guy working there was really sweet!

Downtown Austin is very beautiful and very quiet for a city.

I managed to take some great photos of my outfit for that day, I will save it for another post.

I just want to say that Bring Me The Horizon’s Austin performance was waaaaaay better than the one in Houston. They played more songs, and their intro and ending was amazing. I will share a clip of my snapchat story from that night! Hope you enjoy.




Thank you BMTH for the amazing weekend! I cannot wait to see you guys perform again!!


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