A gift from Lancôme

I want to thank the lovely Meredith and the lovely ladies of Lancôme for sending me a box full of products!


A few months ago I attended an event in Dillard’s benefiting the “Moments of Happiness Campaign” with makeup artist and beauty expert Mickey Williams. I was very excited to be a part of this event since it was benefiting a great cause, and Lancôme has been one of my favorite brands as mentioned in a few of my previous posts (Monthly Beauty Favorites, My Christmas wish list.)

Unfortunately once I arrived at the Dillard’s in the Houston Galleria area I was welcomed with nothing but glares, and bad vibes. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me on this when I say that some workers who usually work for high fashion brands and companies tend to act like they are the sassiest most important people in the world and look at you like you’re a simple peasant who doesn’t deserve to shop there. That bothers me so much my money is just as important as anyones!

Anyway… I was roaming around for like 30 minutes waiting for them to offer me help and once I approached one of the workers he shook me off like I was bothering him. I told the lady at the register who I was and that I had an appointment to interview Mickey and get my makeup done as well. She looked at me up and down like I was just a silly girl. She verified my appointment and told me she would call me when ready, meanwhile I roamed around taking pictures of the products because that is what bloggers do right? I could hear the ladies laughing at me and making rude comments about me taking photos…minutes passed by and the workers kept skipping my appointment with Mickey!

I came across another blogger who is now a good friend of mine who was also having the same experience. We did not know what to do so we decided it would be better if we just left. We emailed Meredith ( the person who invited us to be in the event) about how we were treated and how we decided to leave. Meredith felt really bad about the experience and gave a sincere apology as well as a little gift.

IMG_3063.JPGHonestly I do not hold the associates behavior against the brand at all. Just because I had bad customer service at a location does not mean I will stop using the product, I been to other places where I purchased my Lancôme products and I’m very familiar with the workers because they are so nice. All I can say is don’t let a bad experience ruin something completely.

Now the fun part! What’s inside the box! 🙂


  1. Color Design: Eye Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette (ROSEY FLUSH). An  5 step eye shadow palette that can create a day and night look with shades that help contour, sculpt, and brighten the eyes. I been using it since I got it giving my eyes a red-ish smokey effect that looks like I haven’t slept since 1994. Perfect for that grunge makeup look, trust me!
  2. Blush Subtil Shimmer: Naturally Glowing Cheeks (BLUSHING TRÉSOR). It truly gives a deep natural blush on the cheeks adding a glow with golden flicks. I love the way it blends on my skin tone and emphasizes my cheeks.
  3. Blush Subtil Sheer:Naturally Glowing Cheeks (SHEER AMOURÔSE). This tone is  more on the softer sweeter pink side. still very natural and blends nicely on the skin. It doesn’t have the golden flakes so it gives a more matte finish.


  1. Color Design: Sensational Effects Lipcolor (DESIGNER BLOOM). I received this lovely orange like tone lipstick in sheen; a semi glossy texture with a golden glow. I love pairing it with the shimmer red blush and my grungy eye shadow look.
  2. L’Absolu Rouge: Advance Replenishing & Reshaping Lipcolor (ROSE AMNESIA). I am completely in love with this lipstick. It is very soft and creamy pink, it does not feather, fade, or flake. This is my everyday lip color for when I want to look natural and fresh.IMG_2921.JPG
  1. Artliner: Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner (Ice Black, Navy) I kinda wished I would have received this eyeliner in black. The Ice Black liner has bronze tone to it and its very soft. The Navy Liner has a purple like tint.
  2. Grandiôse: Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara (BRUN MIRIFIQUE BROWN). Again I wished I received this item in black. The packaging is really cool looking! It’s a shame I won’t be using it…


  1. Advance Genifique: Youth Activating Concentrate.I love everything about this formula even though I dont have wrinkles it tightens and brightness my skin! Perfetct product to add to your face routine.


  1. Vernis in Love: Bold Color. High Shine. One Stroke (ROGUE VALENTINE) I love the brightness and consistency of this polish! Im more of an acrylic nail type of girl but this polish is perfect for a splash of color. I tried it on my toes and it still hasn’t chipped.

And those are all the goodies I received from Lancôme! I am honestly so thankful to Meredith for this wonderful gift! Don’t forget to click on the links to check out the products. I was not payed to talk about these products or my experience all opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “A gift from Lancôme

  1. Faith Haller says:

    Very sad! They just don’t know how this effects the brand overall! First impressions are important. But in glad that everything turned out for the best at the end of that horrible experience.


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