Break the Stereotype!


If you been following my blog you would know that I am a fan of wearing men’s clothes and also dressing a bit androgynous on many occasions. Men’s clothes just tend to be more edgy and comfortable to me. I teamed up with Francis and rocked this Men’s H&M plaid shirt to show how both genders can rock the same shirt in different ways!

What Cisco is wearingAs an undershirt, Cisco is wearing the Long Black Tee from H&M and the Black Super Stretch Trousers from ZARA. He is also wearing a pair of thrifty black boots from a local recycled fashion boutique called Pavement

What I’m wearing: I am wearing the Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt from H&M as a dress because it was long enough to pass as one. I am wearing Grey Tights from Forever 21 and my lovely Rampage Jaycer Boots from Macy’s!

Despite the fact that we wear black on a daily basis we tried to keep it as minimal as possible to make the plaid shirt stand out. I want to be able to incorporate more male fashion in my blog in a way that both genders can enjoy. I want to thank cisco for not only helping me take the pictures but for also agreeing to be a part of this post! He was featured on one of my earliest posts ( I Am Astronaut) as well so please check it out!

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