Kill V May

This is by far my favorite concert experience just for the simple fact that I worship Grimes!

So let me tell you guys a little story of how I ended up enjoying the concert way more than I should’ve. As you all know I have been going through a very emotional breakup. My ex bought me tickets to the Grimes concert for my birthday. Very average tickets in a decent spot. Well, when we broke up he promised I could keep the tickets and to enjoy myself.  A week before the concert he texted me saying I better buy the tickets from him or else he would sell them. Like seriously?! Not only did he leave me for someone else, but he is breaking the last promise he ever made me by taking something he knew I completely loved. ( I am letting it all out because you guys are the only ones I can talk to) well my mom didn’t raise no fool so of course I wasn’t going to beg. Remember never let anyone make you feel less than what you are worth!

I told him he could keep his tickets and sell them if he wanted to. Of course it hurt and I cried because I felt I wasn’t going to see grimes! But he didn’t have to know!
Well I am a fighter and I promised myself I wasn’t going to let him bring me down again. I told myself I would never let a guy take away my happiness. Why? Because I am strong and independent and I work hard for what I want in life and if seeing Grimes perform live is in my bucket list you sure know I would do anything to achieve that.

I picked up extra hours at work and scrapped money from under my bed and was able to buy a pit ticket to be in the very front I just had to wait I line real early to get a good spot. He texted me like a day before the concert telling me I could have the tickets since he couldn’t sell them. I told him I didn’t need them since I had my ticket already! I felt powerful like Beyonce. In my head I was like “Bye Felicia” you just wasted $300.00 you’re welcome :p

I met amazing people that shared my love for grimes among other things and they saved me a spot in the very front! Honestly if it wasn’t for them the concert and the waiting time wouldn’t have been as fun!

I love Claire. Her music not only speaks to me in a different level, but I admire her talent and respect what she stands for. I love how she works hard to mantain a certain image of her brand. She works so hard to compose and produce her own music, she creates her own art work and uses it as album art. She helps direct and edit her music videos. I want to be like her in the way that I want to have full control of my work and be able to share my vision with my own sweat and tears.

Here is a video complilation from my snapchat story with small clips of the concert! I still cannot believe I was in the very front for this. I am completely blessed! ❤️

If you would like to follow me on snapchat to keep track of my adventures and odd stuff, my username is MAYRALOVECATS

22 thoughts on “Kill V May

  1. Val says:

    Glad you were still able to enjoy the concert! You are young and beautiful, remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! There are so many good men out there, don’t let this discourage you!


  2. Shasie says:

    WHAT AN ASS-HAT! I’m so glad that you were still able to go and you did it for yourself without his help! You go girl! I’m glad you enjoyed the concert, and you probably had more fun than you would have had if he had gone with you! Ha. Keep your head up girl! Independent women unite!

    Liked by 1 person

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