The Fox and the Wolf


ugh summer time! I am honestly a person that belongs in a cold weather environment because me and the heat don’t get a long. When it comes to dressing for summer I am an epic fail, so I don’t blame you if you decide to look at other blogs for advice during this time (laughs nervously).


Seriously summer time means boy shorts and band tees for me. Honestly, I am not the type to feel comfortable enough in my own body to rock short shorts, crop tops, or tanks without layering. So this is my attempt at trying to look cute for summer yet I am wearing a winter vest. I couldn’t help it, I felt the fur will bring out the fox 🙂


Could my fox shirt be considered vintage if its an old shirt design from my favorite brand “DROPDEAD” ? lol I bought this shirt when the website was iheartdropdead and they had the Kitty Brains as the logo! In case you are not familiar with the brand. It is based in the UK founded by Oliver Sykes. Oliver Sykes, AKA bae is the lead singer from my favorite band Bring Me The Horizon.



I love how the shirt was made unisex, I bought it in an extra large size to be able to wear it as a dress rather than a shirt.I put on my fierce fishnets and added the brown vest for the purpose of the aesthetic of the photo. I was sweating and almost died of a heat stroke, but totally worth it!


I really wish I could link the shirt, but they obviously don’t sell it anymore. This is like DropDead 2012. Oli definetly has a great taste in fashion and if you are more into the daring side I recommend checking out DROPDEAD.CO 

and since we are talking BMTH, I decided to name this blog post like one of their songs and its obviously not the first time I do it. (Black&Blue, That’s The Spirit) and just incase you are down for some hardcore music here is the video. ❤

Anyway, I want to thank my friend Patrick for taking these photos of me in the woods! They were all edited by me. there is no affiliation with any of the links this is all my honest taste and opinions. I honestly wish I was sponsored by them though, I would die!



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