Born in the 90’s

As cliche as it sounds, I can say that I am proud to be a 90’s kid. I grew up watching the best cartoons such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Power Rangers! With all this new rage about Pokemon Go it has become so easy to think about all those good times we had growing up. I can honestly say I have been a Pokemon fan from day one forcing my parents to throw me a Pikachu party for my birthday when I was super little.


I rep the 1994 and I think the thing I miss the most is playing video games and having beyblade competitions and collecting tazos! Shoutout to the people that grew up in Mexico and know what tazos are. I grew up with older male cousins to look up to so I was a major tomboy. We would spend most of our time playing Donkey Kong and Mortal Kombat on a nintendo 64 and PSP. They confessed the only reason they liked to play with me was because I was a good practice dummy so they could learn moves and level up.

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Anyway, you guys should know that when it comes to fashion I love wearing men clothes because of their comfort level and because why not. I took this opportunity to feature my friend Cisco again by making a unisex fashion blog post since I haven’t post one in a while.

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Cisco here reps 1992 (funny thing he actually has 1992 in roman numerals tattooed over his right brow)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

We both wore blue jeans because the 90s was not the 90s without denim. The shirt is from H&M and I actually tried to look for it online to link it, but I couldn’t…sorry. The hat is also from H&M and you can find it in multiple colors. I think this shirt is a nice layering piece.

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seriously, who ever made this wall you are the real MVP! Thank you so much to cisco for being a guest in my blog for the third time. you can see our previous posts together:

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So what year were you born in, and what was your favorite memory growing up?? I would love to know!


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