Texas Adventures

So as many of you who follow me on social media know I went to Dallas this past weekend to attend the Makeup Show. (Blog post will be posted soon) I had such a desire to explore and have a good time so I decided to make this business trip into a road trip! We noticed we made a triangle on our adventure and I think that is pretty awesome!

First off, I want to thank my travel buddy, Francis for joining me and having so much patience. Our plan was to try and discover as many Vegan restaurants as possible since Houston doesn’t really offer a wide variety.. especially when it comes to desserts. *shaaaade*


We headed to Dallas Saturday morning and we ate brunch at a place called Spiral Diner & Bakery. Vegan or not if you are ever in the area pleaaaase try them out!! We had locations bookmarked in yelp of different places to eat, but we ended up eating more than once at Spiral Diner . They have a large variety of food options that are 100% Vegan. We were sooo mesmerized by the yummy-ness of the food, that we started making plans of staying at Dallas and starting a new life.


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There is no shame in admitting I pigged out because God knows when will be the next time I eat this good again. Don’t get me wrong, Houston offers a lot of great places, but it is mainly Asian or Mediterranean food other than the occasional Chipotle sofritas option. If you guys want, I can share my top vegan restaurants in Houston. Anyways, out of topic.


We visited the location where JFK got assassinated and walked around Dallas. One thing is for sure we will be back soon with more money to enjoy it even more. We really want to check out all the museums! I am an art junkie and museums give me life.

Sunday afternoon after my last day at the Makeup Show we decided to hit the road and head towards San Antonio before going home. We made a few quick stops at Waco Texas, and Austin. It started raining really bad and it got us a bit worried. The only thing that gave us strength to continue our trip was the hopes of tasting yummy cauliflower wings.

We ate at Green Vegetarian Cuisine, an awesome little restaurant in San Antonio Texas that gives you the option to turn everything on the menu 100% vegan and offers delicious vegan desserts. The cauliflower wings will be something I will learn how to cook because I don’t think I can go another day of my life without eating them. However, I was a bit disappointed about the cinnamon latter cupcake it was a bit too dry like it’s been sitting for a while.


SIDE NOTE: I know I am very dramatic when it comes to my quest for food and describing it, but let’s be honest; If you are not enjoying the food you are eating then what is the point of eating? Food is a necessity, but I love to enjoy whatever goes in my tummy.

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After we enjoyed our delicious meal we headed to the Riverwalk. At this point we were a bit upset at the rain because we did not come prepared with an umbrella, and it was getting surprisingly chilly. We still walked around and got our clothes and hair a bit damped, but that is what makes an adventure! 🙂

img_1903*Vampire vibes*


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We barely had money left at this point and it was getting cold and everything was closing down so we decided to head back home. I had such a great time and I really can’t wait to do this again. We are planning maybe a road trip to California in the near future… who knows! I am ready!


12 thoughts on “Texas Adventures

  1. Michelle Heath says:

    This looked like such a fun trip, even though the weather didn’t play nice. I won’t lie, though, reading, “If you are not enjoying the food you are eating then what is the point of eating?” I may have screamed, “AMEN!”, out loud..at my desk. I loved your descriptions of the foods you ate. Please do make a list of your favorite vegan places in Houston!

    Liked by 1 person

    • May says:

      hhhahah I am so glad someone enjoys food as much as I do! I will have a post for sure about my favorite vegan places in Houston! Thank you so much for reading Michelle! ❤


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