The Makeup Show Dallas 2016


The Makeup Show is an event were many people, brands, and artists gather together to network, educate and inspire.  I made a trip to Dallas once again to be a part of this wonderful event for the second time!


Unfortunately, i was a late so I could not make it to the press preview. I was a bit disappointed at first because I am a very punctual person, specially when it comes to working for brands or events. Since I could not control the reason why I was late I learned to accept that is was God’s will for me to arrive fashionably late to the show. 🙂


The moment I stepped in the Makeup show and saw all those beautiful smiling faces I couldn’t help but to smile! What I love about this year’s makeup show was the fact that the guests/customers came to impress by showing off their artistic skills! There was no doubt that they saved so much money for this moment. bags upon bags of shopping in both days!



What I love and admire about the makeup show and those who volunteer to help share and teach is the fact that they travel and come to places where is highly concentrated of people who are passionate about the beauty industry but do not know where to start or have the funds to travel. Some of the most influential artists and brands take time to sit down and teach how you can create your own brand.


If you would like to learn more about the makeup show you can check out their website or if you would like to know more about the artists, behind the scenes, or keep up with events check out my favorite beauty blogger Faith Haller where she has a whole section in her blog dedicated to the makeup show:


Hope to see you next time Makeup show!



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