Ripped Jeans & Band T-shirts


I am a music junkie, therefore a must have in my closet would be band T-shirts. My black band T-shirt problem has gone so extreme I can tell which is which in a pile based on texture and shade of black.

Band tees are a stylist way to express your fangirl inside in an edgy way. I can honestly say I have a fair amount of band shirts I have gathered from concerts or my local Hot Topic store.

There is no wrong way of styling a graphic band tee; from a cute skirt with high knee socks to a pair of H&M’s black ripped jeans. Here, I am wearing my favorite oversized BMTH tee. I love loose fitting sizes because they can be styled in a more grungy way, plus it has great comfort.

Wearing band merch in public is a great way to socialize, you can come across other band geeks and share your love for music, so it is crucial to listen to the bands you are trying to rep!


10 thoughts on “Ripped Jeans & Band T-shirts

  1. EfabulousHB says:

    OMG! Ripped jeans are making a come-back. When I was in HS, my teachers thought I was incredibly lewd for wearing ripped jeans. They didn’t understand I was channelling the future. LOL! Or my inner Basquait.


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