Santa Sangre: A Fashion Statement Against Animal Cruelty

Kat Von D has been known for her awesome tattoo art as well as her cosmetic line. I remember when I first saw her in a H.I.M music video when I was 16, and I thought she was the most badass chick ever! I have always admired her unique way of mixing her gothic style with her Chicana pride. As a Mexican-American myself, I have always found her to be relatable. However, Kat’s new clothing choice has made me love and admire her even more. ❤

Kat Von D has been wearing a shade of red recently, very similar to her liquid lipstick “Santa Sangre.” Many thought that maybe it was just a fun new way to make a statement or that it wouldn’t last as long as it has (3 months now). Very few take the time to really read into her posts and realize that this is a way of her to spread awareness against animal cruelty and promote veganism.


 “As a #vegan, every day I feel an urgency to help evoke change in some way. It may come off like my sole focus is saving animals from death, but for me, the bigger picture has to do with so much more than just that.”

She has evoked this change she hopes by creating an amazing animal cruelty free cosmetic line “Kat Von D Beauty” and by promoting her vegan lifestyle through her social media.


There is something beautiful about the way she has taken action. Fashion is the most powerful art there is; it is a movement. Many will see this monochromatic look as a fashion statement and like me, get inspired. There is a dark meaning behind this bright color and she shares the story behind it.


“During Robert’s visit, we watched an @animalequality video taken by an undercover investigator at a pig slaughterhouse. I struggled to hold back tears seeing these innocent beings suspended by their hind legs while getting their throats slit, painfully convulsing to death. The floors were completely covered in red blood rising as the workers killed one pig after another. Robert thinks that maybe on subconscious level, all this red is just another symbol of mourning for me… and I think he’s right.” 

And with this, there is one thing she hopes for 2017…15622659_10158100492635454_9156060037053439965_n.jpg

“If I could ask for one gift this year, it would be for my friends and followers to consider leaving animals off their plate this next year. I’m not asking for you to turn vegan, but to just simply CONSIDER it would be a big enough gift.”


5 thoughts on “Santa Sangre: A Fashion Statement Against Animal Cruelty

  1. Shasie says:

    I love her message, and while I’ll probably never not eat meat, I’m totally against animal cruelty. I believe in humane ways of providing our food and I definitely can’t tolerate any type of animal abuse or animal testing!!!


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