Song Of The Week: Puro, Puro Chantaje!

I gotta say, I have been a fan of Shakira since my childhood memories — all I ever wanted was for my hips to not lie. I was positively shocked about this colab, ever since I heard La Bicicleta Remix by Maluma , I knew it was meant to happen.

The song alone is sensual, playful, and smooth. Shakira’s voice harmonizes perfectly with Maulma’s teasing tone. The video truly embodies the song beautifully jumping from a playful teasing Shakira to a chilled yet interested Maulma.

Let’s not ignore the flattering pink wig on Shakira, can we petition for her to legit dye her hair like this? She makes a perfect rocker chic! Oh— let’s not forget special guest Pig Floyd named by a Shakira fan through twitter!

Hope you enjoy the song.


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