I Got A Big Dream Small World In Between Me And Everything I Can’t Do

Claire Boucher, mainly known as Grimes has been such an inspiration in my career journey. It’s who she is and what she does that inspires and motivates me. I have talked about my love for her in my previous post ‘Kill V. May‘ and everything I went through in order to attend her concert here in the Houston area.

Long story short— I love Claire because she writes, composes, records her own music. She helps to edit and record her own music videos, creates her own album art and of course expresses her originality without caring about how people will react to it. She does her own thing and I admire her for that. She has this quote I basically live by:

“I don’t want to be the face of this thing that I built. I want to be the person who built it.”

and what she means by that is that most music artist nowadays have a whole team to create their music, come up with the outfits they are going to wear and their choreography. They are basically performance puppets who exist only to embody someone else’s vision.

That quote is how I managed to come up with my own brand, EEMVEE and how I managed to create my own magazine (more of that in another post). Her enchanting music and lyrics inspire me — hint: the post title.


During the time I was creating my brand, I had a lot of personal issues going on — some which I shared on my blog and received a lot of positive feedback. As silly as it may seem, I actually got a tattoo to remind me to keep working hard and to not limit my ability to keep learning new forms of art.

The tattoo represents me as a tortured creative. I tend to focus more on my art when I am sad that is why I got crying anime eyes (anime eyes for aesthetics of course). The word Art Angel is tattooed on me so I will continue to remind myself of where exactly I want to be. This is by the way my favorite tattoo on my body. ❤

Recently I been feeling a bit unaccomplished because I feel I am going no where. Instead of getting another tattoo I decided to create my own vision board. I put together everything that inspired me and where I would like to be. I set the vision board as my banner on all my social media profiles,and my computer screen. I also plan on getting it printed and framed. I heard that usually things you put on your vision board tend to come true, and I honestly believe it.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Since I was 10, I’ve always dreamed of living in New York and be a part of the fashion industry. Everything I have done my whole life since I was 10 years old was me trying to get closer to my dream.

I would love, love, LOVE to work for Nylon Magazine. I want to be a Creative Director or a Fashion Editor, but honestly I could be whatever they want me to be as long as they hire me. I know one day I will make it. I just have to keep believing.

(I am sorry… this post was supposed to be my favorite song of the week at first but it slowly turned into a diary post where I let out all feelings. :/ Writing is my emotional escape. If you read this thank you for being patient with me, I promise I will try to keep my post shorter. lol.)



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