Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For The Alternative Boy In Your Life

Gift Guide.png

It is almost that time of the year when we have to show our significant other how much we appreciate them being in our life through gifts and chocolate. Let’s be honest ladies, we look forward to this day just as much as our birthday and christmas for the simple fact that we know our ‘boo’ will spoil us with an expensive gift we can later brag about to our friends and followers on our social media. That being said, wouldn’t it be nice to return the love to him?

Shopping for guys it is always difficult and like us, they all have unique styles that just can’t fit in generic gifts like ties or watches. I think a guy will really appreciate a gift more if its something that will fit in their every day life or if its something they have always wanted.

With the help of my co-worker Gus (he wanted a shoutout) and from what I know from my boyfriend’s personal taste — these are some gifts ideas for the Alternative boy in your life.

  1. ❤ Padded Bomber Jacket $59.99 I know spring is right around the corner but guys love to layer clothes too. Bomber Jackets are still in and why not gift this perfect layering piece!
  2. ❤ Flannel Shirt $24.99 This is a must have if your man is into the grungy rocker boy look! I am not limiting the option to only red by the way I picked red to go with the holiday theme. If he already has a closet full then it is pretty obvious he will like it.
  3. iTunes Gift Card Everyone appreciates music specially the alternative boy. A guy like this is always growing his music playlist and unless he downloads music illegally — this will be a great money saving present. (can also be a spotify or any other type of music related card).
  4. Heart Truffle Box $34.95 Guys also deserve a heart-shaped box of chocolate. For my man I would probably get him this truffle box from No Whey Foods because it’s vegan. explains the price… but seriously, you can never go wrong with chocolates.
  5. Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 9.49.13 PM.png(Photo break! My favorite male influencer @imersa his style is freaking rad! photo credits go to him )

  6. Sports Jersey most if not all guys are big fans of sports. My boyfriend is a big Rockets and Seahawks fan so I know a jersey with his favorite player’s name will make him happy, Definetly suggest getting a sports jersey and hey, if he’s not into sports you can get him the Marvel Spider-Man Venom Basketball jersey from Hot Topic.
  7. ❤ Graphic Tees If you have been to my blog then you know I am a sucker for graphic tees specially band or music related. Overall graphic tees are a great present for a guy and its nice to gift them something catered to a certain theme or trend they are into. Doesn’t specifically have to be a band shirt, but it can easily be a certain movie, superhero, TV series or anything along those lines.
  8.  ❤ Vintage Shaving Kit Now this gift is a bit more on the expensive side depending where you buy it, or how many items it has, but definetly a great gift for a guy. My co-worker Gus said he always wished to receive this as a gift because it’s different and something that could be used a lot. Vintage shaving kits are stylist and of course unique. It has more personality than your average razor — I feel this is to men what makeup is to women.
  9. ❤ Biker Jacket $69.99 The perfect piece for the alternative boy, almost as much of a statement as the plaid shirts! This faux jacket says bad boy all over it and I live for it!

Thats just a list of a few items I mean there are so many more things you can get for that special guy in your life. A pair of basketball shoes (James Harden Vol. 1 to be exact— yes babe, I get the hints) maybe a pair of tickets to a game, concert or maybe even a tattoo! Be creative and have fun!



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