A Super Fun Day In Houston


I am not really that much into sports— let alone football, but I had to go out and enjoy the downtown craze. This boy right here was the main reason why I rode the train and walked around the crowded park while being sick with the flu. Seeing him smile and enjoy himself like a kid in Disneyland made it all worth it. I swear he was not the only guy running around with a smile on his face asking for a photo to be taken in front of all of these attractions. I was a bit sad we didn’t arrive early enough to see his favorite sports talk show live, especially since this was the only opportunity we would get to make it downtown during SuperBowl week. Despite that small disappointment, I know he enjoyed himself.<3





10 thoughts on “A Super Fun Day In Houston

  1. Shasie says:

    Wasn’t it epic!?!? I had such a blast, and I’m really just a Steelers’ fan and not a football fan, but the city was alive with excitement. I’m mad I missed when the cheerleaders were there. They weren’t there when I took a photo in front of those helmets…hmph!


  2. asirealized says:

    Awesome to hear about your day!! I live right by the NRG stadium, but I am going to miss out. I will be working 12hr shifts all weekend. Bills gotta be paid. At least I will be able to watch all the superbowl craze on tv. Great photos!!!


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