Mega 101.1 Hosted Super Noche Latina featuring Farruko



Local latin radio station, Mega 101.1 FM teamed up with Pepsi and Michoacana to feature Reggaeton artist, Farruko perform for free at Escapade 2001 during Superbowl week!

Sounds fun huh? I had a very memorable experience — good and bad things happened which made the night even more memorable. First of, the event was supposed to start at 7pm and it did…in a way.

We were all excited walking in and running to get front row (I surprisingly got second row which was just as close). The night started with DJ Bruno mixing a few popular songs and we all had a great time jamming out and dancing. After an hour, I was waiting for them to announce the main feature on stage. Well time went on and yet no Farruko. After 2 hours, the crowd was growing bored and weren’t thrilled anymore. The radio station hosts went on stage said a few things to get the crowd pumped again and… yeah two more hours of local DJs.

At this point I had to pee really bad, but refused to lose my spot since I was so close to the stage. Eventually, I gave in and left to the restroom. It wasn’t so hard leaving my spot, but when I tried to return— people where mean mugging me, complaining, and even got threaten to be punched in the face if I cut in front of them. I literary got on my knees and started crawling my way back to my spot until I hit a dead end. I was maybe four rows behind from where I usually was, but at this point I did not care — I was more worried about dying of dehydration.

I stood in the middle of the mean mugging crowd as they finally announced the artist. I was shocked to hear the outraged fans hollering and cursing. I understood why me moving around trying to cut in front of them was not the best idea.

The moment Farruko got on stage, we all forgot our anger and enjoyed the show. Despite waiting 4 hours for him to get on stage and being on the verge of dehydration I am so glad I got the chance to watch him perform.




17 thoughts on “Mega 101.1 Hosted Super Noche Latina featuring Farruko

  1. Shasie says:

    OMG! I hate when artists are late like that. I went to a concert one time and we had to wait forever. And then when the artist got on stage they cut their act short. I was pissed and wanted to demand my money back! HAHAHAHA girl that comment abotu crawling back to your spot. People do get crazy about things like that. Glad you didn’t get hurt and glad that overall you had a great time!


  2. guaranteedgiddy says:

    You are a trooper, I don’t know if I would have waited around! HA! I waited on Madonna for three hours a few years ago and left early because it was so late! Oh well 🙂


  3. naturallyfarout says:

    What a fun event. I need to go to more events like this. I think summer I’ll be doing a lot of fun events. I know what you mean about those mean people. I’ve been to a lot of concerts and when you are on the floor upfront it can be so rough.


  4. Alba Garza says:

    oh my. I remember the days me and my bff would be front row at concerts. Glad you got to see Farruko, eventually. We avoided all things super bowl because of the crowds. I’m too old to be dealing with too many people, nonsense, and I have a very small bladder.

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