The VintageSuite6Ten Meet And Greet Hosted By Z Med Clinic

unspecified-3I recently attended a meet and greet hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Jones of Suit6ten at Z Med Clinic here in Houston.

unspecifiedThe event kicked off with some delicious drinks and sushi among other appetizing foods and of course, goodie bags.

unspecified-8Z Med Clinic is a well established medical practice with clinics in 5 different locations throughout Houston, Corpus Christi and San Antonio, TX. It is one of the foremost medical clinics in Texas, providing medical support and health relief for the greater community. They gave guests the opportunity to mingle in a waiting room while watching a vampire facial take place live in the other room. The facial’s main popularity comes from the one and only Kim Kardashian who made it go viral after sharing a photo on social media.


baThe vampire facial involves extracting the patient’s blood from their arm and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma – the fluid part – from the red and white blood cells. The concentrated plasma is then injected into the face. There will be the after effects of swelling and redness, but you know what they say, beauty is pain.

unspecified-6Thank you again to the wonderfully friendly staff of Z Med Clinic and Ashley Jones for putting this wonderful event together! I was surprisingly a raffle winner of a $100 discount and I am looking forward to coming back and getting an appointment set with Dr. Marion!


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