Just A Webcam OOTD

I am about to go to work in just a few minutes and I was really feeling my outfit of the day. I have been able to come up with cute outfits (at least on my taste) lately, but have failed to photograph them based on time. Plus I really have not had the chance to get someone to take my photos lately so I used my laptop’s webcam. I honestly don’t mind the result since they give a very Tumblr hipster girl aesthetic.

The shirt is a Men’s Knitted textured gray shirt from H&M. I love how oversized and comfy it is. I am also wearing a black choker I received from a 8 pack I bought from amazon (review coming soon). Wearing some black skinnies I bought a while back from Macy’s and my new stan smith Adidas I got for a V-day present from my babe.  I have honestly been wanting these shoes since they became cool again in 2014?? Anyways despite the late purchase I still love them. For my lips I am wearing the lipstick color Diva by Mac Cosmetics. I always get compliments on this shade.

This post is honeslty rushed since I should be leaving in 10 minutes. Hope you like this low quality OOTD. ❤photo-on-2-17-17-at-4-29-pm-3photo-on-2-17-17-at-4-34-pm-3img_0022photo-on-2-17-17-at-4-29-pmimg_0024photo-on-2-17-17-at-4-43-pm-2


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