Express Your Attitude With Style: Göt2be Hair Products Review

I was contacted by göt2b through Instagram and they send me a few products to test out and share with my social media followers. That being said, all opinions are my own. 

FullSizeRender.jpgI can totally connect to the brand’s mission statement this is why I was excited to have the opportunity to review their products! “göt2b offers the right styling product for your individual and edgy look. It’s all about expressing your attitude with style – we celebrate differences and empower people to stand out from the crowd!”

Mess_Merizing_Hairspray_1920X2160.scale.050.pngThe first item I received was the Mess-Merizing Texturing Hairspray and I honestly have to say this is by far my favorite hairsprays. I usually spray it over my dry hair and style it with my fingers. It gives my hair a textured finished while holding the style without it getting hard and clumpy.

*Side Note: I got this tip from watching too much RuPaul Drag Race, but I sometimes like to use hairspray as a makeup setting spray #sorrynotsorry it holds my makeup well and has such a nice tolerable scent. It doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky like most hairsprays do.

Kinkier_Curling_Mousse_1920X2160.scale.050.pngThe second item I received was the Kinkier Gloss ‘N Define Curling Mousse. It is created to define curls, as a person with wavy, semi-straight hair this product was a bit harsh on my hair. I decided to use it once after I showered to try to get that crimp hair look, but it honestly made it too hard it was extremely hard to wash off. Despite my personal experience, my mom has super curly hair and absolutely loves using this product to define and control her curls. Also, my boyfriend likes to use it to style his short hair because it helps give volume and keep stubborn hair into place.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

The great thing about göt2b products is that they are easily accessible at your local drugstore and have affordable prices. Thanks again to göt2b for reaching out to me and sending me these products! You can check out their website for some great deals and hairstyling tips.


18 thoughts on “Express Your Attitude With Style: Göt2be Hair Products Review

  1. Erin Creeks says:

    Good tip about the makeup setting spray, and insights on the double curling power. My hair does funny things the longer it gets and the more I flatiron it. Some of my hair is wavy, some fuzzy, and some mostly straight. Le sigh.


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