Amazon Haul: Affordable Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

Lately, I have been makeup obsessed! I have so many upcoming hauls and reviews I cannot wait to share. My makeup collection is growing and after watching many youtube vanity tours I decided I want to spice up my little makeup section and make it pretty and girly. My theme will be Rose Gold and shades of white and pink.

I am a sucker for amazon, I can literary spend all my money there and not regret it one bit. I was searching for new makeup brushes to replace my old ones that I talked about on my first Amazon Haul post a few years back and came across these gorgeous rose gold makeup brushes.


They arrived way earlier than expected and in a cute little box. I did have a problem with the bristles of the larger brush a bit slanted to the side due to the tight packaging but after being unwrapped it slowly getting back to normal.

There are 12 rose gold brushes total all different sizes with different purposes definitely worth the pay. Due to contrary belief in the frequently asked questions, these handles are actually made of plastic, not metal. The only metal part is the part between the handle and the bristles.


The brushes were a bit too soft for what I am used to, but I realized they work perfectly when it comes to blending. Overall I really love these brushes they make my vanity look super chic. I purchased a glass and white scented plastic rose petals from dollar tree to store the brushes.

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes Stream Of May




4 thoughts on “Amazon Haul: Affordable Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

  1. Jade Millard says:

    These are such pretty brushes! I love trying out new ones to add to my collection. You should check out The Beauty Insiders website for great beauty and makeup tips and tricks!


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