Song Of The Week: Borro Cassette — Maluma Is Coming To Houston And I Am Missing It


Yes, it’s true, my beloved pretty boy dirty boy is coming to Houston Texas this Friday, March 3rd and I am not going. I made it part of my new year’s resolution to attend this concert because It would be fun, but due to complications (me being broke af) I will not be able to attend. To all the people that are attending and could afford those pricey tickets, I envy you!

I picked one of his song’s for this song of the week because what better way to make a tribute? I honestly love and respect his work, despite the recent controversy of his latest release ‘Cuatro Babys‘. I chose to share ‘Borro Cassette‘ because of the funny music video ending with a very unexpected plot twist. I hope you enjoy this video and if you are going to the concert please feel free to tag me! I would love to see all the photos. ❤

Don’t forget to check out my post ‘Puro, Puro Chantaje‘ if you want more Maluma. 😉

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