Minimal Mickey: A Semi-Borrowed Outfit Of The Day

DID YOU KNOW, I never went to any Disney amusement park?! I actually never been to Cali or Florida… sad, I know. To be honest, I grew up with not that much money since I was raised by mom, and she worked 3 jobs to give me the best life she could. I never really had a childhood, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have happy memories. The guys dressed as Power Rangers in pop-up circuses was all I needed to make me happy. ( plus I am sure Disney Land churros are not as good as flea market churros js).

I made this promise to myself that I will not go to Disney Land until I have my first child because I want to experience that first moment with her— yes it’s going to be a girl. I just want to be able to have fun and create memories with the only person I will love more than life itself.

Anyways, I saw these Mickey ears while “window” shopping at H&M and really, REALLY wanted to buy them. I only stopped myself because I realized I really don’t have a purpose for them, and people will more than likely look at me weird.

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8 thoughts on “Minimal Mickey: A Semi-Borrowed Outfit Of The Day

  1. Erin Creeks says:

    I don’t have the outgoing personality to carry those ears and that adorable phone case but I love it on you. Also I could see living in that jacket. I love a go, anytime, anywhere outerwear.


  2. Shasie says:

    OK 1. The cat phone case… I need this
    2. I love the hat, and you should buy it. Who cares if people look at you weird!
    3. I love that you have decided to save your Disneyland or world visit for your child! That’s sweet. We also didn’t have a lot of money growing up. I had to fund-raise for all of my school trips!


  3. Leena Vuor says:

    Mayra, I’ve been to Disney Land and girl why did I like California adventure more? I think it’s because Disney Land is made for experiencing it with your child, like you said. I mean yes you can go anytime, but to witness a child having fun there would be super sweet. My son was not with me at the time so I’ll def have to go back. You look cute with the hat, per usual of course! Kuddos to you mama as well for being a strong, independent woman! 🙂


  4. Colleen says:

    So the ears are adorable, but that phone case it just way so cute too! Hopefully you’ll get to Disney soon…I went as a child but really don’t remember too much of it!


  5. EmbellishedDame says:

    Omg!! I love the Mickey ears and honestly I feel like you have personal style pull them off rock them anywhere. We are taking our daughter to Disney land this summer. I’m from southern Cali and have spent many summers at Disney but this will be the first one taking the kiddo! I may have to grab me this H & M hat tho! Too cute!


  6. bijoubella says:

    I love your outfit. The Mickey Mouse ears actually complete the look. I didn’t go to Disney World until I was over 30 yrs old, with my children. I’ve since been 3 times & had a blast. I like that you’re going to wait until you have children, so as to enjoy it with them. Who knows, you may wind up having just as much, or more fun than your child(ren)!


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