Wet n Wild Review: An Affordable And Cruelty-Free Makeup Choice




Contour Brush – $1.99

The Wet n Wild brushes are affordable, yet don’t have the cheap quality most reasonable priced brushes do. I only grabbed one brush to test it out and I promise you I will be going back to purchase the rest! The brush is soft and sturdy, I love that they are white with a touch of pink on the bristles. The prices range from $0.99 to $2.99 You can get a 6 brush set for $10.00 here.

515d_hr.jpgSilk Finish Lipstick in the shade ‘What’s Up Doc?’   – $0.99

I cannot lie to you how many compliments I got the day I decided to try this shade on. My coworkers kept complimenting my lip shade and got amazed when I told them it only cost me one dollar. It runs smooth on the lips and the pigment is bright. I had to constantly remind myself that it was a lipstick and not a liquid lipstick so the finish was a bit different. If you want a matte full coverage lip product I highly recommend their matte liquid lipsticks.  I will do a more detailed review about them in another post.

8091.pngMegaGlo Concealer stick in shade ‘You’re A Natural’  – $3.99

I adore this concealer! I have been looking for a creamier formula concealer since I have very dry skin. I used to use the bye bye pores concealer by it cosmetics but it was too thick and actually emphasized my pores due to my dry skin. This concealer is soft and has great coverage with a nice illuminating shade I am actually not afraid to add it to the high points of my face as well. This MegaGlo product comes in 6 different shades also perfectly used to contour. However, if you like more of a full coverage concealer I recommend their liquid formula.

325b_hr_1.jpgColor Icon Blush in the shade ‘Pearlescent Pink’ – $2.99

This bright blush is perfect for days I want to do a more fresh girly look. I love pairing it up with bright pink lip colors and a soft eyeshadow. It comes on soft on the skin, so you would have to apply more than once if you want a more pigmented look. I want to get more shades of blushes to experiment with new looks. c144.pngMegaPlump Mascara – $3.99

When it comes to purchasing eyeliner and mascara I don’t want to spend more that 5 dollars. This mascara does its job on my eyelashes and there is really nothing too good nor too bad. It covers perfectly and doesn’t clump my lashes. Wet n’ Wild offers many types of mascaras for different purposes, but I decided to try this one.

Wet n' Wild Makeup Look

This is a selfie of the final look using all of these products. I really love the fact that they are affordable and cruelty-free! I will continue to test out more Wet n’ Wild products but so far it has become one of my new favorite brands.


9 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Review: An Affordable And Cruelty-Free Makeup Choice

  1. Shasie says:

    I’ve been wearing wet n wild for years! In fact my favorite cream eye shadow is from them! However, I did not know until this post that they were cruelty-free! I’m glad to know that I’ve been supporting a brand that has a great social conscious.


  2. naturallyfarout says:

    They sure do have affordable products. I’m about to start practicing my makeup game. I am starting to love makeup even more and I have a lot to learn. This would be a good brand for me to start with.


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