Bad to the

Bad To The Bone

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to have skeleton parts integrated into your outfits. I don’t know if its leftover fascination from my 15-year-old emo self, but I love wearing anything Halloween themed as a regular outfit. I found this lovely one piece body suit at H&M for $20 on the clearance isle and it just fits me so well!  The little peace sign hands glow in the dark and can sometimes look like a middle finger sticking out if you have long hair. I honestly don’t think I will be taking this off within the next 2 weeks. I love wearing body suits because it takes away the struggle of trying to find matching tops and bottoms. However, wearing a one piece outfit can be great until having to go to the restroom in a public place. Nothing more awkward than sitting naked on the toilet seat.

Bad to the bone-Streamofmay.comIMG_0887


Bad to the

Bad to the


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