Whitechapel Comes To Houston, House Of Blues!

Late concert recap, but I been extremely busy with work among other things.

On March 14 I took my boyfriend to watch one of his favorite bands perform live. It was an unexpected last minute surprise since I saw my friend giving free tickets away on Facebook. After reaching out to him to get a pair I was extremely excited to see my boyfriend’s reaction since our anniversary was only a week away I figured this would be the perfect present.

Whitechapel was on tour celebrating Metal Blades Records 35th year anniversary. Many great metal bands performed on stage as well such as GoatWhore, and Allegaeon to name a few. Despite the concert being heavy metal music, everything was pretty chill. Nobody was rude or too loud. I was honestly surprised since I expected a worst wreck than my Farruko experience.

We bought some tees and popcorn and enjoyed the opening performances. Once Whitechapel got on stage I couldn’t keep my eyes of my boyfriend. He was clearly amazed and enjoying himself. I honestly felt happy I made his night.

The best part of the whole concert would probably have to be when we decided to leave before the last song ended to avoid traffic and as we were heading to catch the train we bumped into the lead singer. He was nice enough to agree to get a photo taken with my boyfriend and we couldn’t stop talking about the surprising encounter for the rest of the night.

Met @philbozeman of @whitechapelband after the concert. Fucking stoked!!

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