Sunday Spa Day: Face Hydrating Routine

Sundays have become the perfect day of relaxation. Nothing like staying home, wearing my night clothes all day and watching K-Dramas! Most importantly I use this day to take care of my skin by doing a hydrating moisturizing routine that will leave my skin feeling brand new ready for the week! You know what they say, Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week! If you have dry sensitive skin like me then I suggest definitely following my Sunday routine. ❤


Step 1.

I began why washing my face with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It exfoliates my face and helps prevent blemishes and minimize pores. I don’t use this as a daily face wash sing the exfoliating is rough and will dry my skin. Exfoliators are meant to be used once a week or whenever you feel it is truly necessary. 6747-bh-St-Ives-APR-BLEMISH-Scrub.jpg

Step 2

Once my face is clean and exfoliated, I apply a thin layer of the FREEMAN Rejuvenating cucumber + pink salt clay mask. This 10-minute mask instantly detoxes and clears pores for a renewed skin. This mask is made for all skin types and it is extremely affordable, I highly recommend it! 5417577d-d81a-4961-92f3-0d3c154a8e2a_1.89976f80264a8c33145582c954371b20.jpg

Step 3

Probably my favorite step, I apply the Dayb Black Black clear nose pack on my nose, under my chin and center of my forehead to remove blackheads. This Korean charcoal mask works perfectly when applying a thick coat on targeted areas. I remove it once I make sure it is completely dry which takes up to 10 minutes.


Step 4

I use my favorite and most recommended AVEENO Moisturizing bar to remove the charcoal mask residue and prepare my face for a moisturizer. This bar works great for dry skin and I use it to wash my face daily. I did another blog post recommending My Favorite AVEENO Products as well if you would like to check it out.


One thing I learned is that is very important to take care of your skin. Maintaining a healthy skin brings up self-esteem and also slow downs the aging process. As someone with annoyingly dry sensitive skin, I tend to update my routines with newer products to maintain a healthy balance. Let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you have any tips!


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