Space Queen Look: Alchemist Palette x Pastel Goth Palette

Can I be honest and admit the fact that I am a sucker for alien documentaries and pretty much anything paranormal. I absolutely blame my father because when I was extremely little I would sit down and watch these things for hours, and that kinda stuck with me and made me into the freak I am today.


If this is true then I am glad to be an alien babe. Fun Fact: My boyfriend calls me Mulder and I never had such a fitting nickname in my whole life. ❤

This post is a bit overdue I had a few looks I made with these palettes, but I figured this pretty much is it. I made this alien/space inspired look and to be honest these photos are not the first time I do this makeup. I tend to gravitate to this look a lot but it is very hard to wear it in public because I get plenty of stares. I am in love all of Kat Von D products, therefore, my reviews will be entirely bias (at least I am honest).

I highly recommend getting these products and playing around with them!



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