Harajuku Tokyo Rebel

streamofmay.comThe hub of this youth-oriented, street-fashion craze is the area surrounding Harajuku Station in Tokyo. 

The focal point of Harajuku’s teenage culture is Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street) and its side streets, which are lined with many trendy shops, fashion boutiques, used clothes stores, crepe stands and fast-food outlets geared toward the fashion-and-trend conscious teens. 

There are several alternative cultures such as: punk, goth, gothic lolita, ganguro, kogal, rockabilly and cosplayers.


Shirt: A gift babe brought from his recent visit to Philippines.

Pants: A $7 dollar asian store in Pearland Town Center suite #740. ( cant find store online and don’t remember name)

LipsPeripera New Peri’s Long Lasting Lip Tint Water

Accessories: Ying Yang Velvet choker, Festival Jelly Sandals

8 thoughts on “Harajuku Tokyo Rebel

  1. Erin Creeks says:

    I actually had no idea about Takeshita Street and the trendy shops and fashion boutiques. I only knew about Harajuku because of Gwen Stefani years ago. and to be honest I dont think I really knew what she was referring to. See ya learn something new everyday. πŸ™‚


  2. Michelle Heath says:

    Those pants are amazing, what a bargain! I love this taken on rebel style and getting to know more of the fashion from Harajuku. I don’t know a ton about it but now I’m craving to know more!


  3. fashionsnob says:

    I’ve always been fascinated with Harajuku style. I have a few of the “Fruits” books, that focus on their street style. I like your version of the rebel- not overkill, not trying too hard… and I own a similar pair of black jelly sandals.


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