Let’s Make A Change: Mocha’s Favorite Things

I love my cat Mocha so much it is overwhelming so we decided to do something about it! Mocha’s Favorite Things is a small local organization in Houston Texas where my cat Mocha wants to share his favorite food, toys, treats, & more to cats to local animal shelters.

Mocha wants them to be happy and healthy while they wait to be adopted by a new family.

With the help of his Meowmy and everyone that donates, Mocha can give more gifts to more shelters in the Houston area!

There are two great ways you can give to cats in Animal Shelters in the Houston Texas area! You can donate money through PayPal or purchase items through the Amazon Wishlist!

Mocha’s goal is to be able to give to more than one shelter at a time since there are so many feline friends that need us! If there is another way you would like to help please do not hesitate in contacting us!

To learn more please check out our website! https://eemvee.wixsite.com/mochasfavoritethings

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