If some of you follow me on social media you would know I got a Maltipoo on December 24. (Gift to myself) I named him Dolce! He is currently 10 weeks old and is growing fast! I felt he deserved an introduction post just like my baby Mocha.

Big brother wants to play and I want to sleep-🐶Dolce

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Getting Dolce was something I been wanting to do for a while and when that Christmas bonus rolled in I knew what to spend it on. My Mocha loooves his little brother, he constantly grooms him and they are always playing together.

Brotherly love ❤️

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Dolce is a piece of happiness that was missing from my life. I love everything about him from his high pitch bark to his little crazy kisses. He will be joining me on my outdoor adventures and Mocha as well since I bought a pet stroller to take them out.

This is how handsome and fluffy I look after a bath! Ps I learned the word sit! -Dolce

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I am just about the happiest person in the world right now surrounded by the ones who I love the most. Dolce, I promise to fill your life with happiness and love. ❤

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