What Is In My Dog’s Bag

Having a dog is like having a baby. I know many people do not see their pets as their children, but I consider myself a full-on furmama. I don’t consider myself a cat or a dog person I consider myself an animal lover because if I could I would have a farm sanctuary and isolate myself from the human race. (not kidding)

Anyways, being a caring pet mom means I have to make sure I am prepared for anything when taking my dog out (sometimes my cat as well) to trips to the vet, park, restaurant, or anywhere.  Some may call it a diaper bag or a walking bag but this is the everyday bag I take with me when I am out and about with my baby.

I hope this information comes in handy if you are thinking of preparing a bag for your baby as well.

A Perfect Size Bag27781654_1399267680202363_1330812933_n.jpg

Now, this is where you get to pick a bag that fits your style but also that is easy to carry around. I believe handbags would be a bit difficult when handling your baby at the same time. I thought the best option would be a nice medium size backpack that I can carry around and still have my hands/arms free. I got this specific bag from forever 21 its Faux Leather cus you know I ain’t mess with the real deal. 🙂 What I do recommend is a bag with multiple zippers and dividers because it makes it easier to organize and know where you place things rather than have it all moving around.

A Poop Bag Holder & Poop Bags27721297_1399267703535694_123249985_n.jpg

I just love poop bag holders because they come in different shapes and colors and it’s a cute way to let your personality or your dog’s style shine through! Never thought I would be saying that about something that is created to pick up poop in a discreet way! I got this specific bone from my vet for free! The bags on the other hand…. $5 at five below for a bag of 18+ rolls!! and yes they come in cute designs! They even have emoji shape holders and bones! Totally recommend them for the price compared to pet stores that sell a roll for like $10-$20!

Clean Essentials27658435_1399267646869033_1878015079_n.jpg

I like to carry a potty pad just in case I am stuck in the car or at someone’s house and my dog really needs to go. Fragrance-free baby wipes are important after a walk to clean certain areas your dog could have some dirt or mud. Also helps clean the face and even things that are spilled such as wet food or peanut butter. The hand sanitizer is a must if anyone wants to pet your puppy or you need to clean your hands after picking up poo.

Food & Water27718234_1399267613535703_1398681454_n.jpg

If your dog is on a feeding schedule it is always important to follow it. Sometimes vet visits go a little longer than expected, or you are stuck in traffic, or you are at someones home for Thanksgiving, whatever the case is food and water is a must. I carry my baby’s grain free dry food, some peanut butter to cover his bone snacks to distract him and bottled water (I don’t give him sink water). The little containers are from five below as well they have a bundle for $5 the water bottle is from the target sale area, I got it for $3.

Portable Dog Feeding Bowls27721428_1399267640202367_2037470620_n.jpg

These adorable portable bowls are just the greatest thing. They collapse so they are flat and fit in any bag! I got these for a cheap $5 price on Amazon! They come in many colors, but I love black. 🙂


If your dog is on its best behavior then its always good to reward him! I got this cute ED by Ellen Degeneres treat bag on sale at pet smart for $4! Super cute and it keeps treats fresh for up to 3 weeks (I know that from experience. I also have a clicker and this is optional, but I am currently taking my baby to puppy kindergarten and I am teaching him tricks. I got the clicker on Amazon as well for a dollar.

Prepare For The Weather27661255_1399267526869045_595933047_n.jpg

Depending on the weather I like to keep either a sweater or a raincoat for my baby in the bag. The raincoat is from five below and the cute adidog sweater is from Amazon.

His Favorite Toy & Chew Bones27661955_1399267400202391_1634401656_n.jpg

It is very important to keep your little one entertained so he doesn’t get bored. I take his favorite toy with him, in this case, it’s the ED  Hippo Dog that his trainer got for him. That little bone is almost finished I definitely need to get him some new ones. but these treats are tasty and long lasting which helps your dog stay busy and have fun.

Pet First Aid Kit27662189_1399267580202373_1886843409_n.jpg

This is one of those things that you would hate to use one day but it’s nice to know you have it in case you need this. This small first aid kit is something truly important. it looks quite big in the picture but it is probably the size of a phone. Has the basics to cover and clean a wound. I highly recommend this for every pet parent.

Important Papers27658398_1399267536869044_2035281022_n.jpg

It is important to have a mommy section where you keep all of your things such as keys, phone, CC, etc. In there it’s also to keep a copy of your dog’s vaccination record, coupons and other things that you might think you need. I carry my Petsmart puppy kit in case I want to make a stop and purchase something that I need.

Anyways this is all that I carry in my bag however I do sometimes have the leash and harnes in there, when he is not wearing it. I hope this is helpful and if you have any recommendations please send them my way!



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